Our vineyards

The place where it all begins

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We believe that quality starts in the vineyard. In our everyday commitment to sustainable production, we produce wines with respect to nature and our winegrowers.

In doing so, we achieve long-term economic success and give you a lasting satisfaction of experiencing our wine story.

Vineyards are the pride and joy of Brda. Planted on the steep slopes of the local hills, they require hard work and persistence and pose a real challenge to the wine-growing families. With meticulous manual labour, our wine-growing families produce our accessible wines on often very hard-to-reach vineyard slots.

There are varieties and then there is Rebula

Cultivated in as much as 27% of the local vineyards, Rebula is the indisputable queen of the Brda hills. It was brought to this region during the Roman times and has been present here ever since. A variety of thousand faces, Rebula features in all our brands. In addition to Rebula, we produce other local varieties, such as Sauvignonasse (12%), Picolit, and Verduzzo, as well as international varieties, like Merlot (20%), Chardonnay (16%), Pinot grigio, Sauvignon blanc, Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet franc, Pinot bianco, Pinot noir, and Syrah. Together, these wines form an impressive collection, which will broaden your wine horizons.

Climate and soil

The climate in Brda combines the freshness of the Alps with the Mediterranean influence. Together with the mineral soil, known among the locals as opoka, it creates ideal conditions for the cultivation of vines and gives the wines their minerality, rich aroma, and unique character.

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