Choosing the right sparkling wine

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When we want to celebrate something, it’s almost impossible to do so without sparkling wine.

Sparkling wines accompany all the most important moments in our lives, whether it’s a birth, graduation, wedding, and they also mark significant milestones, ushering us into a new year, new job, or a new decade of life.

November and December traditionally stand as months of joy and gathering, where we take the time for those who mean a lot to us – relatives, friends, colleagues. In November, we celebrate St. Martin’s Day with them, where young wine usually takes the main stage, but a true sparkling wine adds a special touch to any such gathering. Even more frequently, we gather with sparkling wines in the cheerful December, where we bid farewell to the old year and look forward to the coming one.

Would you like to choose the right sparkling wine, serve it with style, and make an impression? We offer some advice so you can shine with bubbles.

Charmat or classic sparkling wine?

The answer to this question depends on your budget, taste, and the profile of your guests or recipients. Classic sparkling wines are generally more expensive, as they take at least two years to produce, and for most sparkling wines, even more. The second fermentation takes place in the bottle, where the sparkling wine is in contact with the sediment throughout. These sparkling wines have a more complex aroma, fine bubbles – they are suitable for more discerning connoisseurs.

In Klet Brda, they produce Bagueri sparkling wines using the classic method. Bagueri Brut, Zero, and Rosé enchant with small and lively bubbles that create a creamy sensation on the palate. These sparkling wines are refined, noble, and elegant. They are marked by a noble and distinctive character, characteristic of all wines in the Bagueri line. They will captivate both connoisseurs and enthusiasts. They are intended for special moments and also pair excellently with gourmet dishes such as beef carpaccio, fresh fish, sushi, and salmon dishes.

With the Charmat method or tank method, the production process is shorter. The sparkling wine is ready in a few months in stainless steel tanks. Consequently, it is more affordable, and in taste, it is fresher, more playful, usually with more pronounced fruity notes and more easily understandable to a wider audience.

Popular sparkling wines produced by Klet Brda using the tank method have just received an even more beautiful and attractive appearance. They will delight you and your friends with a fresh and fruity, just sweet enough taste, while also being pocket-friendly due to their accessibility. The selected grapes from the favorable slopes of Brda’s hills give these sparkling wines a special, refreshing taste. Peneča rebula, which has been produced at Klet Brda since 1962, has become a true icon among dry sparkling wines. For fans of semi-dry and dry sparkling wines, they have prepared Sparkling Rosé and Sparkling Moscato, which with their charming fruity bouquet leave no one indifferent.

Clinking glasses, yes or no?

Although opinions on clinking glasses are divided, it is said that you should not clink glasses with sparkling wine. Therefore, simply raise your glass, look your conversation partner in the eye, and take a sip. Are exceptions allowed? Of course.

How to serve and taste sparkling wine?

Serve sparkling wine chilled, at around 6 degrees Celsius. This way, its positive qualities will come to the fore. Allow at least a few hours for chilling in the refrigerator – never in the freezer, as wine is very sensitive to temperature fluctuations.

The glass should be designed to observe the effervescence – the sparkling. The best are tulip-shaped glasses or glasses specifically designed for serving sparkling wines. They must have a rough bottom that promotes the release of bubbles. The better the sparkling wine, the finer the bubbles, and the longer the effervescence lasts.

Always serve sparkling wine as an aperitif, as it prepares the palate for tasting more intense flavors of food. You can serve sparkling wine on its own or with snacks. Never serve sparkling wine with dessert, unless it is sweet sparkling wine. In this case, the wine should always be sweeter than the dessert.


If we still haven’t answered your questions and resolved your dilemmas, we invite you to the Klet Brda wine shops in Ljubljana, Celje, Kranj, Nova Gorica, and Dobrovo, where you can find the entire range of wines and friendly advisors who will know how to recommend the right wine or sparkling wine for you.  Let us help you fill your moments with friendship and joy!

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