Bagueri Superior

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Our premium line of wines is matured in oak barrels. The Bagueri Superior wines are extremely rich and evoke the specific character of the individual vintage and terroir as well as the personal note of the oenologist. The full flavor of these wines reflects the mineral Brda soil and the Mediterranean sun, while their fresh aromas are reminiscent of the nearby Alpes and the Adriatic Sea.

The Bagueri Superior wines are produced with an utmost care, from the grapes grown by our hardworking winegrowing families in the selected old vineyards, planted on the best locations in Brda. They are developed in the spirit of innovation and varietal and stylistic diversity. In the winery, grapes are processed with unique and often experimental methods. Intertwining tradition with contemporary methods, this process requires special finesse, as we strive to exceed what already exists and reach even higher levels of sophistication. When creating our boutique line, our oenologist is free to implement new approaches and methods to produce mature, structurally rich, and elegant wines, which are appreciated by experts at international competitions and wine lovers in general.

Production in the vineyards

The grapes for the Bagueri Superior wines are grown in vineyards aged between 15 and 30 years. These vineyards are covered with grass, adequately nourished, and cultivated with great care, according to sustainable production principles.

The year-round care of the vines includes everything from winter pruning, fertilisation, and summer pruning to harvest, which is still performed manually with the help of friends and family. In addition to that, more manual labour is required during the year, as only the best grapes can be used to produce the Bagueri Superior wines.

To produce premium quality grapes, the vine needs to be adequately weighed down. For Bagueri Superior wines, the weight used is lower than for other premium wines and should not exceed 1 kg per vine.

Production in the winery

Grapes from the selected vineyards are harvested when they reach optimal ripeness and immediately brought to the winery, where after removing the grapes’ stems, we cool and macerate the mash. Red varieties are macerated for 10 to 20 days, while white varieties only macerate for 6 to 12 hours. After maceration, the mash is pressed and left to mature in wooden barrels and stainless-steel vessels. We believe that the duration of contact between wine and wood should vary according to the nature of individual varieties. Our oenologist determines the optimal maturation period in wooden barrels and stainless-steel vessels for each variety and vintage.

Rebula and chardonnay Bagueri Superior mature in 225 litre barriques for at least 6 months and are then transferred to either large wooden barrels or stainless-steel vessels. With Sauvignon and Pinot grigio, only part of the wine matures in wooden barrels to prevent the aromatics of the wood to overpower their fruity notes. To produce the velvety and rich red wines, we age them in French or American barriques for at least 24 months. Their creamy texture and intensive taste are achieved with the battônage method, where we periodically mix lees with wine. All varieties go through the process of malolactic fermentation, which gives the wines their softness and pleasant buttery taste.

While aging the wines in the winery, we make sure to minimize the input of sulphur before bottling them. Sulphur is not added until the first racking and even then, only in necessary amounts.


Consistently proving their quality over the past 30 years, Bagueri wines have received over 250 medals and recognitions at local and international wine assessments.


Consistently proving their quality over the past 30 years, Bagueri wines have received over 250 medals and recognitions at local and international wine assessments.

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