Sparkling wines

Sparkling wines

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Sparkling wines commemorate the most important moments of our lives. We drink them to celebrate a birth of a child, a graduation, a wedding, to mark special milestones, to start a new year, a new job, or a new decade.

The particularly refreshing taste of our sparkling wines comes from the carefully selected grapes cultivated in ideally located vineyards on the Brda hills. To produce our sparkling wines, we use both classic and tank (charmat) method.

Our most recognizable sparkling wine is Sparkling Rebula (Peneča Rebula), a fresh and fruity sparkling wine, which has been produced in our winery per charmat method ever since 1962.

Those who love semi-dry sparkling wines will appreciate our Quercus sec and Quercus rosé, which are excellent for summer events, parties, romantic dinners, or any other situation when you feel like having some classy sparkling wine.

If you prefer sweet wines, we recommend you to try our Sparkling moscato, which will impress you with its varietal aroma, lightness, and the perfect amount of sweetness.

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