Wine-making families

Heros of the vineyards

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The story of the Klet Brda Winery involves 400 wine-making families.

In Brda, viticulture has been a way of life for a long time. Almost every family cultivates a small vineyard with cherry and olive trees growing beside it. The great devotion to this remarkable land is deeply rooted in their hearts and their love for it can be felt in every glass of our wine.

Did you know that on average every family in Brda owns five to seven acres of vineyards? The time stops when they work on these difficult to reach terraces, relying only on manual labour. In their work, they follow the natural cycles and carefully monitor the quality of produce.

Tradition and knowledge

Our vineyards are the place where tradition meets modern knowledge. The secret of our meticulous cultivation has been passed down from one generation to another – spontaneously, naturally, patiently, and lovingly. In viticulture, generational shift is a long process. The young need to gradually grasp and internalise the skills from their ancestors, while at the same time learn from our agronomists about new practices in the field of sustainable production.

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