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Sustainable production as the only way forward

In Brda, viticulture is passed down from generation to generation, which is why maintaining a clean and healthy environment is essential for all of us who live here and work so closely with nature. At Klet Brda, we believe that the production of great wines starts with our respect for the land, community, and future generations. We are committed to produce our wines in a way that is responsible to nature and the people producing the grapes and wine, and in a way that allows us to reach a long-term economic success.

Sustainable production is, in some wine-growing countries, codified at a national level. This means that winegrowers can follow written rules to apply for a certificate of sustainable production. Seeing that in Slovenia there is no such unified system, Klet Brda’s Management Board, this year, decided to consolidate the sustainable production rules, already in place for most of our members, by adopting the Rules on sustainable production of grapes and wine at Klet Brda. Chosen as a symbol of our commitment to sustainable production was a bee, as the presence of bees in our vineyards reflects their ecological balance and biodiversity. Bees provide one of the most notable ecosystem functions, which is pollination – a process that makes cultivation of food possible. As of now, the bee symbol can be found on our Quercus wines and it certifies that the grapes and wine were produced according to the principles of sustainability.

Sustainable production is a complex notion, which we divided into the following three categories – sustainable production for nature, sustainable production for people, and sustainable production for long-term successThe first pillar of sustainable production encompasses the technical aspect of the work in the vineyards, which we detail in our Rules. It dictates the right preparation of soil, selection of appropriate varieties for individual locations, regulation of water regime in the ground, protection of vines, and maintenance of biodiversity. By consistently working on this all year round, our cooperative members ensure a healthy living environment for locals and farmers (second pillar) and consequently contribute to the long‑term success of Klet Brda (third pillar), thus strengthening the entire region of Goriška brda.

Read more in depth about the sustainable production in Klet Brda in Sustainable production in Klet Brda.


Published on 12. 10. 2020 categorised in:

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