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Outstanding economic achievements award for our general manager Silvan Peršolja

We are happy and proud to inform you that our managing director Silvan Peršolja is this year’s recipient of the award for outstanding economic achievements which is awarded by Slovenian most influential business and finance paper Finance. This prestugious award has been given to important Slovenes from different fields for more than 20 years.  Among other receivers of the award let us mention Janez Škrabec, the owner and managing director of Riko, Ivo Boscarol, the owner and managing director of Pipistrel, Tina Maze, skier and two time Olympic Gold medalist, Igor Akrapovič, world famous entrepreneur and owner of Akrapovič exhaust systems and many more.

The committee established why Silvan Peršolja was awarded this year with the following statement: “Silvan Peršolja, Slovenia’s first businessman in the field of viticulture, is known for his transparency and integrity. These qualities help him solve conflicts of interest between many stakeholders of the cooperative. He is a visionary artist in finding common denominators for different interests, which makes him a great role model not only for Slovenian entrepreneurs, but sometimes even for Slovenian politicians. His resourcefulness can be seen even in the current crisis, which greatly affected the entire industry. Once the coronavirus crisis is over, Silvan Peršolja will surely remain a key figure in Slovenian viticulture, contributing to many more successful wine stories.”

For 22 years, Silvan Peršolja has been the head of Klet Brda which has one hundred employees and has, in the recent years, generated over EUR 14 million in revenue and half a million in profits. Klet Brda is Slovenia’s largest manufacturer and exporter of wine. The winery, which is a cooperative, unites 400 families, who have been working together for over 60 years and have turned local wine making into a success story.

Klet Brda is a technologically advanced company, which grew from its socialist beginnings to a modern cooperative. Our main export markets are the USA (where Klet Brda has its own import company Laureate Imports), Italy, Great Britain, and China, where we generate nearly half of our sales revenue. It is the values that we share with our distributors and importers that make it possible for our long-term cooperation. For many years we share the same values of tradition, superior quality of wines and long-term cooperation with our business partners. In the UK, we work with Berkmann Wine Cellars which is the largest family-owned and family-run wine importer in the UK. In Germany and Belgium we work with family owned distributers Bernard Massard (with over 100 years tradition) and Lambrecht Wijnen (over 65 years of tradition). In China, our main partner is Shenzhen Mediterranean Wines which is the biggest importer of Slovenian wines to China and we’ve been their partner since the very beginning when the company was established. Since then we’ve been their biggest supplier. For over 15 years, we’ve been a supplier for Belluna which specializes and is well known for its mail order business all over Japan.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our over 60 distributors in the EU and Asia and more than 30 in USA. In addition, we want to thank our suppliers around the world as well, which helped us build our story of success.

In international business, consistent wine quality is that one important asset which sets wineries apart. The consistent quality of our wines is reflected in many highest awards achieved at most important international competitions through the years. Each bottle of our wine is the result of devoted work by our farmers, members of Klet Brda cooperative, and our team of cellar men and winemakers. In Brda, viticulture is passed down from generation to generation and at Klet Brda, we believe that the production of great wines starts with our respect for the land, community, and future generations. We are committed to produce our wines in a way that is responsible to nature and the people producing the grapes and wine, and in a way that allows us to reach a long-term economic success. Klet Brda was established in 1957 as a cooperative and has been co-shaping the economic development and the quality of life in Brda since the very beginning. It is because of this long term focus of the winemaking sector and the close-knit involvment of Klet Brda with the region of Goriška brda, that the committee recognized our company and our managing director Silvan Perolja for this prestigious award. “There are several great winemakers with an advanced business mentality and positive orientation in Slovenia and we are proud of them all, however, Silvan Peršolja and Klet Brda stand out for being the backbone to all of them,” the committee explained in their statement.

Published on 23. 11. 2020 categorised in:

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