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Klet Brda Winery revived a historic wine cellar at Dobrovo Castle

Klet Brda Winery revived a historic wine cellar at Dobrovo castle in collaboration with Goriški Museum. The cellar will become an important tool for selling wine in the premium segments.

On Thursday, May 16, Klet Brda Winery opened an exclusive wine cellar at Dobrovo castle due to increased market demands for their premium wines on the international markets.

Klet Brda Winery has been collaborating with the Goriški Museum for a number of years. In 2017 they arranged a historically accurate exhibition of winemaking in Brda region which dates back to the Roman times. In 2018 the winery started working on the project of reviving the historical wine cellar, which lost its original purpose through the years. In 2019 finally became a wine cellar again.

The exclusive wine cellar will serve Klet Brda Winery – the leading producer and exporter of Slovenian bottled wine – as a support for selling their premium wines on the international markets. Their export profits already represent half of their sales earnings of bottled wine. Their most important export markets are the USA, China, UK and Italy, altogether they export in 36 countries.

The Brda Municipality is now richer for another great wine cellar which will host wine tastings on a higher level. Also, it will enable the Winary to host their business partners and key buyers from around the world.


“Wines de Baguer and A plus, which mature in the new cellar, are two premium lines from our Winery and they needed a more appropriate space to represent them. A space which would suit the needs of our most demanding customers,” commented the managing director Silvan Peršolja.

These kind of exclusive wine cellars exist in all important and well known wine regions around the world. In France, for example, the big wineries normally own more exclusive chateaux mansions which serve as official facilities in addition to their production facilities. In order to present the premium wines well, a winery needs a strong story which is supported by appropriate environment. And often buildings with strong historic references offer this kind of support.

»When the building serves its original purpose it means we’ve done the most we can for our cultural heritage,” said the managing director of the Goriški Museum.



Historical value of the castle’s wine cellar

The wine cellar has always been part of the Renaissance castle and even its first owners, the Counts of Colloredo, stored wine barrels in it back in the 17th century, but it was only when Silverio De Baguer took over that the cellar began to flourish.

In 1880, he started to collect wines in it, classifying them in nine categories based on quality. In 1909 and 1910 he equipped the cellar with three concrete tanks lined with glass, which are still in place today. He bought them from the then state-of-the-art viticulture and vinification equipment production plant in Klosterneuburg in Austria.

After the WW II, the cellar was used by the cooperative of Brda and in 1986 the last vintage was produced there. Afterwards it was used as a wine shop which closed in 2017.



De Baguer wines

Klet Brda Winery signed an agreement with the descendants of the de Baguer family in which it was specified that the Winery can use their name and the coat-of-arms for a line of wines which will mature in the original cellar. De Baguer Chardonnay-Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot-Cabernet Franc blends hold the name of Silverio de Baguer, who was the last owner of the Dobrovo castle but also a diplomat and wine innovator. These excellent wines are the fruits of a mix of knowledge, talent and intuition found in Klet Brda’s team of oenologists and cellarmen, headed by our chief oenologist Darinko Ribolica, who is responsible for the constant superior quality of de Baguer and A plus wines.

»The de Baguer line moves away from heavy wines typical of superior classes. Here the oenologist focuses on clear varietal aromas and minerality, in which the soil of Brda is best reflected,« said the oenologist Darinko Ribolica.



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