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Chardonnay – an all-time classic

Chardonnay covers all the shades from the refinement of a sparkling wine to a dry white wine, from a juicy fruit to a buttery mature taste. It is due to its endless chances of interpretation that chardonnay has become an all-time classic in the assortment of a wine-lover. You can find chardonnay all over the world in its different “outfit”. But the question is why it has become so popular and timeless. In this very article, we would like to present a few facts about this modern classic wine.

 Tabula rasa

The chardonnay variety is suitable for many wine styles. It is one of a few white varieties where you can have either partial or full lactic acid fermentation (LAF) which gives the wine a distinctive aroma. LAF is obtained due to lactic acid bacteria that change the wine acid into a lactic acid, which gives the wine a softer, rounder and slightly buttery taste.

Do you prefer the wine to be more of less complex?

When producing wine out of the chardonnay variety, it is still in use the procedure called battônage, which gives the wine its character of being more or less complex. After the fermentation, yeast cells coagulate at the bottom of the wine container (dregs). The result of a careful mixing of dregs with wine is a creamy mixture with a stronger taste.

With or without wood?

The so-called expression barrique technique as well as huge Slavonic oak barrels enable different chardonnay aromas to develop. The wine that matures in such barrels becomes more complex. We recognise its distinctive buttery, vanilla and caramel flavours in it.

Chardonnay that matures in stainless barrels has a completely different character. In this type of wine, we taste its distinctive character of the variety: we feel lemon, green apple, sometimes also pineapple. Worldwide, this wine style is called “naked”. The most popular representative of “naked” chardonnay is French Chablis.

A wine that reflects its origin

The area, where vines grow or the so-called terroir, significantly influences the wine character. Chardonnay has found its second motherland in Brda. The Mediterranean climate, marl, the protection from frost, sunny areas and careful work in the vineyard have enabled chardonnay to develop its outstanding beauty.

Modern chardonnay

All the elements of the vinification need to be in perfect balance with the nature of the chardonnay variety so as to produce harmonic and elegant wines.

Chardonnay Bagueri keeps its light, elegant, and primary fruity aroma, which is why its distinctive characteristics are fully reflected.

The 2011 vintage has won many prizes. It has become world’s champion of white varieties at the Vino Ljubljanacontest, it was awarded a silver medal at a world chardonnay competition Chardonnay du Monde, it also won a gold medal at the Concours Mondial Bruxelles competition, as well as two gold medals in Split (in Croatia) and Beo Winein Serbia.

The main oenologist and the author of Chardonnay Bagueri Darinko Ribolica claims that “Chardonnay Bagueri is nothing but the result of the best chosen areas, light loads per vine, careful farmers’ work, enriched by thoughtful work in the cellar. The 2011 vintage shows that we go back to the distinctive chardonnay where the main focus is on its variety, freshness and softness. We have reduced the influence of wood substances due to the use of already used barrique and big oak barrels. This is how the richness of the chardonnay produced in our Cellar finds its highest expression.”

When to offer a glass of chardonnay?

Chardonnay is the best choice during hot summer evenings when we enjoy grill dishes. As it is a wine with a wide variety of interpretations, it could be served with several dishes.  Chardonnay is most commonly served with white meat. The chardonnay which matures in oak barrels is the best choice to accompany smoked fish as well as spicy Asian food. While the chardonnay with a fresh taste is perfectly served with dishes with tomato sauce. An older and softer chardonnay usually accompanies “earthy tastes” such as dishes based on mushrooms or mature cheeses.

How long to preserve a chardonnay?

We can find chardonnay throughout the world in many different “outfits.” If you have a “naked” Chardonnay, there is no point in storing it (as it matured in stainless tanks). While if you have a more complex Chardonnay, you can keep and store it for a while as they are getting better while maturing in bottles. In case you have any further questions on how long to store a Chardonnay in your own cellar, do not hesitate to consult the advice on our wine labels or ask your nearest wine seller.

Basic facts:

  • Chardonnay is the second most common variety of white wine worldwide with approximately 200.000 ha of vineyards.
  • You can find Chardonnay in all vine-growing areas in the world: in the USA, in France, Australia, Italy, South Africa, Chile, Bulgaria, Hungary and China.
  • Chardonnay is the best sold white wine variety in the most important markets such as the USA, GB, the Netherlands, Sweden and Canada.  (From Champagne to Australia)
  • Chardonnay aroma goes from citrus, apples and peach tastes in colder climates, up to mature peach, fig and pineapple flavours in warmer areas.

2Source: VinumFY13/17

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