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The Klet Brda Winery is the leading producer and exporter of Slovenian bottled wine.

Renowned for its distinctive style and appreciated by wine lovers in Slovenia and 26 countries around the world.

The winery unites 400 families, who have been working together for over fifty years and have turned local wine making into a success story.

Our mission is to capture in our wines the uniqueness of the Brda terroir and use effective marketing to contribute to the development of the region and the prosperity of the local population.

The guiding principle in our day-to-day activities is a deep respect for nature and its cycles, as we believe that superior quality is born in the vineyard.

Many hands make light work

Klet Brda, whose story is being created by 400 families of “heroic” wine growers, is synonymous with the old saying “many hands make light work”. Our goal is to make Slovenian wines known to the world.

The Team

Get to know our people

From the vineyard to the glass – as passionate wine makers, deeply devoted to terroir, we take great care of each drop of wine we produce.

Get to know our people

Heroes of the vineyards

Viticulture is the way of life in Brda.

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Heroic viticulture is a mission originating in the love for our Land and our ancestors’ rich experience.

Our roots

Since the Roman times

Up to the end of World War II, when the Brda hills were split in two by the border between Yugoslavia and Italy, this area had known a special type of feudalism called the colonate system. Peasants had cultivated small patches of land, and wine had only been produced by 17 local castles, owned by foreign nobility.

Klet Brda Winery was established in 1957 as a cooperative, which is still fully owned by local wine growers. We cellar their wine, market it in Slovenia and abroad and advise them about vineyard-related work.

The Winery has co-shaped the economic development and the quality of life in Brda since the very beginning.

Klet Brda Winery is fully owned by 400 wine growers

Vine has been present in Brda since the Roman times


Everything began before 300 BC

300 BC – Before the Roman invasion (Young Iron Age) the vine was already widespead in Brda (archeologists have found the rests of grape pips in the village of Golo Brdo).

100 AC – The Ancient Romans facilitated the expansion of viticulture (The vine was grown in Roman times on fruit trees. This cultivation method was preserved until the end of 19th century.) Amphoras used for wine and olive oil trade and transportation were manufactured in »Villa Rustica« mansion in the village of Neblo.

1336 – …

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In year 1957 the modern wine cellar took in the first yield.

The first export to the US happened in 1984

Sustainable production at klet brda

Sustainable production for nature, people and long-term success

At Klet Brda, we believe that the production of great wines starts with our respect for the land, community, and future generations. We are committed to produce our wines according to practices that are responsible to nature and people producing the grapes and wine, while at the same time contribute to our long-term economic success.

Chosen as a symbol of our commitment to sustainable production was a bee, as the presence of bees
in our vineyards reflects their ecological balance and biodiversity.

Sustainable production for nature

Natural resources not only sustain our business, but also provide prosperity for the community and
future generations. At Klet Brda, we adopted the Rules on sustainable production of grapes and
wine, thus consolidating the sustainable practices which we observed for years.

Sustainable production for people

The work in our vineyards is performed in a manner that protects the health of the locals and
farmers and ensures social and economic stability of family farms.

Sustainable production for long-term success

Stable financial performance of the company helps preserve jobs in the countryside and contributes
to a long-term, in other words, sustainable economic development of the region and the region’s

Read the whole brochure about Sustainable production in Klet Brda HERE.


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