Press release: 2022 harvest

This year’s season has been like no other.

We were expecting an early harvest and low quantities of grapes. However, despite extreme weather conditions, the harvest was almost normal in quantity. Even with the unprecedented drought, we will only suffer a 15% crop loss. Our sustainably cultivated vineyards situated on the right sites have better endured the drought and consequently suffered less losses and produced grapes of higher quality. The harvest of 2022 promises red wines of high quality.

Harvest 2022

In the extreme weather conditions, such as seen this year, we can truly appreciate the importance of sustainable production, which is one of the guiding principles at Klet Brda. We start by selecting adequate vineyard sites, thoroughly preparing the soil by adding sufficient organic substances, and choosing the right bases and clones. This is followed by daily cultivation of vineyards in harmony with nature. In response to climate changes, Klet Brda annually organizes a series of winter lectures for its members. During these lectures, they work with experts to implement necessary changes in winegrowing practices, which are summarised in Klet Brda’s sustainable production policy, applicable to all members of the cooperative. Following these guidelines for cultivation of vineyards has contributed to this year’s crop loss being lower than expected.
This year, Klet Brda and its partners in sustainable production made another important step, as they started working on a pilot project for monitoring pests in vineyards with the aim of reducing the use of plant protection products.


This year, the winegrowing families of Klet Brda will in total produce 6,300 tons of grapes, which is 15% less than the expected annual crop of 7,500 tons. More affected were the exposed sites on top of the hills, where the loss of crop will amount to 30%, while the loses on the lower sites will not be as severe. The harvest of 2022 promises red wines of high quality.

This year’s summer was dry and hot. At the beginning of the harvest, which took place earlier, this year, the agronomists made concerning predictions about crop quantity due to the long drought we had experienced. Because we carefully monitor parameters in all our vineyards, we waited for the grapes to be adequately ripe. This together with the rain in September and our compliance with the principles of sustainable production in the vineyards has somewhat mitigated the consequences of this year’s long drought.

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At Klet Brda, we started this year’s harvest for base wines for sparkling wines on 18th August 2022, while regular harvest started on 26th August 2022 and will end next week, when we will harvest Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.

Following a hot and dry summer, harvest in Brda started earlier this year. Unlike usually, when regular harvest takes place in the beginning of September, we started regular harvest in the last week of August.


This year, buying-in prices of grapes will be higher by a quarter. The pricelist includes several changes. The buying-in prices were increased by 25% and the difference between average and premium quality has increased as well.

The average buying-in price for a kilogram of grapes will amount to approximately EUR 0.70 for our standard program and EUR 0.95 for our premium program. Prices for a kilogram of grapes will range between EUR 0.40 and EUR 1.35. Grapes from the best sites, which reflect not only general parameters, but special vineyard characteristics as well, will have a price of EUR 2.00 or higher.

SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION: Smart solutions in vineyards

Klet Brda has collaborated with selected winegrowers and partners as well as companies Telekom Slovenia and EFOS to introduce a pilot project for remote monitoring of pests in vineyards. In the framework of this project, we are testing a solution, which would enable winegrowers to remotely monitor the status of pests in their vineyards and receive a prediction of their movement 14 days in advance. This would allow them to take timely precautions and protect their vineyards before any damage occurred. Winegrowers could optimise the use of pesticides and only spray their vineyards where and when the pests are present. This would contribute to a significant reduction in use of plant protection products and a more sustainable production. You can learn more about this project in the enclosed material.

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Smart viticulture with remote monitoring

BAGUERI SUPERIOR: 30 years of excellence with Bagueri Superior wines

Out of almost 1,000 hectares of Brda vineyards cultivated by the winegrowing families of Klet Brda, only a couple of ten hectares of the vineyards of the highest quality meet the criteria to produce Bagueri Superior wines. In these carefully selected vineyards, family winegrowers follow the strictest sustainable production guidelines. Our Bagueri Superior collection of six varietal wines includes unique dry wines, matured in wood, which boast high quality and push the boundaries in production of structured wines.

At the 30th anniversary of the Bagueri Superior line, Klet Brda has collaborated with top chefs of prestigious restaurants in Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, and USA to create 10 video recipes for their dishes, which they paired with Bagueri Superior wines.

A testimony to their excellence, Bagueri Superior wines were awarded over 250 medals at national and international competitions and have been reaffirming their consistent quality over the last 30 years.

Bagueri 30. anniversary

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