Bagueri impresses with new medals

We are happy to announce that at this year’s Vinalies® Internationales competition in France our wines Chardonnay Bagueri 2017 and Sauvignon Blanc Bagueri 2019 won a silver medal.

Created in 1994, the Vinalies® Internationales Competition has become one of the major events in France. It is a major event in terms of its longevity, but also in terms of its renown. Vinalies is characterized by a jury of 130 tasters composed of specialists in sensorial analysis from around the world. We are proud that our Bagueri wines also convinced such a demanding jury.

Bagueri is one of the most popular premium wine brands in Slovenia, that receives awards on domestic and international wine competitions each year. This year Bagueri brand is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Back in 1992, Klet Brda created a visionary and daring brand of premium wines Bageri, cultivated on selected vineyards in Goriška Brda. Bagueri soon became one of the most popular wine brands in Slovenia.

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