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The 1957 Ribolla Gialla is still a lively wine

In addition to the traditional Press Harvest, Klet Brda has organised a workshop on Ribolla Gialla. Since the wine cellar is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, the event ended with some icing on the cake: the guests were able to taste past vintages of Ribolla Gialla, starting from 1957, the year in which the cellar was founded.

2009 Ribolla Gialla – an overture to the current renaissance in Ribolla

The 2009 Bagueri Ribolla Gialla was one of the “more serious” Ribollas of the new generation and had great success on international markets. This is why Klet Brda decided to store a few bottles in its collection and let it age. “This wine sheds light on increasingly fruity aromas with caramel in the background. The palate is dominated by freshness and there is still enough acidity. Gradually expressing oily and honeyed notes are also on the rise. Thanks to the acidity, the finish is nice and long.” These are the vivid words used by Darinko Ribolica, head oenologist of Klet Brda, to describe this wine.

1991 Ribolla Gialla

This was the first vintage bottled in an independent Slovenia and at the same time the first late harvest of Ribolla Gialla in this wine cellar. In a vineyard in Neblo, the yields of grapes were kept low and the harvest took place only in October.

“This Ribolla Gialla clearly shows its 26 years of age. There are tertiary and quaternary aromas of plant litter, straw and honey. The remaining acidity keeps the wine alive,” explained the oenologist when tasting this collection wine.


1957 Ribolla Gialla

Six decades ago, Ribolla Gialla was filled in litre bottles. Although the corks were only 30 millimetres long, they are still in good shape, which indicates that the cork used for them was top quality. And how does Ribolla Gialla taste after 60 years?

“This is literally a gift from God. It is amazing that this wine is still alive and drinkable at all. Due to technical restrictions of the time, the crushed grapes had to be left to macerate, together with their stems, which is why the wine was full of tannins. Furthermore, no malolactic fermentation was performed and the acid level was surprisingly high,” said Darinko Ribolica about the longevity of the 1957 Ribolla Gialla.

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